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OH MY GOD Jan. 2nd, 2005 @ 11:58 pm
I haven't seen Ocean's Eleven. That could be a problem. Yeah, I'm like the only person on the planet who hasn't seen it, I guess I was just living under a cock for awhile.

ANYWAY. I did invite you guys to come picnic with us, even though we ended up not going. And I mean, it kind of was Karan's house? But idk, my feelings were hurt by the fact that I wasn't invited to go do facials with you guys the other night. And maybe yall told Karan and Jacob that it was okay if I came...but it's not really the same as being invited. But I'm not pissed off about that or anything, it isn't really that big of a deal. And I'm actually not really even mad over anything, just bummed really. Because losing friends and my nuts sucks big dick, and I know you can understand that. And so I don't wanna add anyone else to the lost friends list, and definitely not you.

Call me when you get off work, because I would love to see you tonite, and I definitely wanna see you tomorrow...so I can show you my WET...

Like OMG, you read that right, my stingy-ass parents are FINALLY getting me a WET PUUU visor. So dry. <3<3<3

hey hey Jun. 21st, 2004 @ 03:37 pm
lets see whats been up... some of this is old and random but im bored and havent updated in a while.

- the network at work crashed (hardware failure) so i cant print out any of my pick lists till the part comes in = i get behind = bad bad
- pistons win! (chan u owe me $5 lol)
- i really wanna get a new hobby... something i can practice by myself and maybe compete in like i used to do with yoyoing. hmm idk id love to pick up pool but i wouldnt get to practice as much as i would need to to get good.
- heeell yes, i got a 1480 on my SAT (800 M, 680 V). im really happy with it... it was my first time taking it and the only thing i did to prepare was take one practice math section (which i must say im glad i did, i think it helped with my timing). idk if im gonna take it again, but im pretty sure im not because i just dont think i can get any higher unless i study vocab which i really really dont wanna do. besides, i dont think i really need a higher score anyway so whats the point? well, that how i feel as of now at least. my vocab is just too weak (relatively lol) since i never read... i know all the ones i missed were in the last 3 in each of the sentence comp/analogy sections. somehow i got better at reading comp all of a sudden... the only thing that i can guess that helped is that ever since AP practice ive been underlining important stuff in the passages. i dont really use it to go back to find answers quicker, but it helps me concentrate and stay focused so i dont read the passage and then think to myself "ahh what the fuck did i just read?"
- ughug i wished i lived somewhere else than louisiana. i really wanna play (or even watch) lacrosse but its not popular down here :-(
- heh i still suck at directions/finding places (in terms of driving). i wish i had one of those nifty in-car navigation systems. yeeeaaah thatd be nice.
- wimbledons on! finally something else to watch besides baseball and golf.

yawn well i had more to type but im too sleepy. hmm no and 1 baseball tonight either lol. psout ppl.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Trillville - Neva Eva

yawn Jun. 9th, 2004 @ 11:15 pm
im always tired :-( its not supposed to be like this over the summer. i hate sleeping, but i love how it feels... theres just so much i wanna do that id rather not sleep. but it really catches up with me when im at work in the morning... i felt like i was gonna throw up this morning from a combo of being exhausted, hot, and doing physical activity. ive been getting about 6 hours... that was fine during the school year but i dont think its enough for now because i dont feel like doing things anymore. like i def didnt feel like going to baseball tonight, i would have rather been sleeping. and i was about to fall asleep playing tonight... baseball games are soooo boring. theyre just way too slow paced for me, i hate just standing around that much. i wanna start playing tennis seriously, i really like it but i dont get to play as much as id like. maybe ill take lessons on the weekends, thatd be a blast. ok im gonna try to sleep, even though i never seem to be able to fall asleep when i get in bed this early :-/.

Current Mood: blankblank

SAT Jun. 5th, 2004 @ 01:08 pm
yes yes yes im so glad the SAT is over. even though i didnt really study for it, it was still looming over my head and im glad i dont have to worry about it anymore [for now at least].

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Oceanlab - Beautiful Together

yawn Jun. 4th, 2004 @ 12:14 am
wow im really exhausted. this whole night i just felt out of it and really jittery for some reason, i think i ate too much sugary stuff at dinner. idk i just felt wierd. anyway i started work at acme, and ive pretty much given up on finding another job. i dont mind it too much; its exausting but my hours are really flexible, the pay is good, and my supervisor (the warehouse manager), gus, is a really cool guy... he can always make me laugh whenever i dont feel like being at work. AND the biggest plus about working at acme is that i get to listen to walton and johnson while im in the small parts room in the morning. i swear idk if id be able to get through the morning without them... they have the best show EVER. if youve never heard them then you are very deprived. anyway enough walton and johnson praise, i had more to type since i havent updated in a while but im too tired to concentrate and i gotta wake up early for work so im going to sleep. go pistons too :-)

o lol i almost forgot, i was messin with my cars cd player (my brother bought one for it when he drove it) and i turned the bass up and the little piece of crap speaker thats built into the door (its like a mini one thats kinda where the side mirrors are but on the inside of the car of course) started smoking. now thats pretty damn ghetto. i thought it was hirlarious at the time though.

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Choppa - Choppa Style [JMK Remix]
Other entries
» dear livejournal
ahh omg i so freaking sick of my mom. she is such a damn control freak. if i didnt stand up for myself around here i wouldnt be able to do SHIT. i have to argue with her to do the littlest things and now shes banging on my door telling me not to listen to "ghetto music". ugh i can listen to wtf i want to listen to dammit. im gonna be out of here in a year hopefully... i wonder what she is going to do then? another thing - grades came in yesterday as most of you im sure found out. i got straight A's and a B for the 2nd semester of my hardest academic year ever (5 H/AP + philo + logic) and she's still not happy. well mom, im sorry im not perfect for you. im sorry i didnt live up to your expectations. but guess what, i dont give a fuck because im proud of myself. thanks for setting such high expectations for me; my expectations are just as high if not higher because of you, but fortunately ive realized that the world doesnt end if the expectations arent reached.

::takes a deep breath and thinks he should have made the above private:: oh well.

im really glad im playing baseball this summer. not only is it giving me something to do, but im actually having a lot of fun which i wasnt sure would happen when i signed up for it. lol i wonder if ill be saying the same thing when i see our competition. yeah i hate losing. i wanna go to the batting cages so i can see how hard it really is to hit 60+mph pitches cuz honestly i have no idea. my brother was telling me its like animated; theres a screen with a pitcher and the ball comes out at the pitchers hand right when it would in real life. sounds fun to me. and oh yeah i never realized how untan i had become until i looked at my tan lines from being out in the sun for baseball. its funny. i used to be really tan when i had my pool at my old house :-( i miss it even though i moved like 2 yrs ago.

looks like the nba finals will be the lakers vs pistons, in the regular season they went 1-1 (hmm the pistons do have a chance people!) i know ill be rooting for them, payton and malone are the last people i want to see win a championship. id love to see kobe win another though, he deserves it.

i drove around today for the first time by myself... to baseball, to westdale, to sonic, to jacobs. it was fun. i honestly feel pretty comfortable, but im still sitting up real straight and driving with two hands, ect. im sure ill get more "relaxed looking" as i drive more. heh you know its really funny because driving myself around made me realize how much i space out when my parents drive me around. thats why i suck with directions so much. i have a good directional "sense" but i dont know how the various streets connect because i never paid attention when my parents would drive me around. id either be daydreaming or zonked out or listening to my headphones with my eyes closed. because of that it seems like it takes 1000x longer to get somewhere driving myself. i guess ill get used to it. and now i can start learning how to drive the manual which will become my car so i wont have to drive around the POS car (dont get me wrong - im not complaining... im very grateful to have a car but that has no bearing on whether or not its a POS lol).

ok im gonna go to sleep at 1 and wake up early tomorrow and do something productive like work on finding a [replacement] job. or maybe ill just bum around all day. who knows?

» I haven't updated in a while, eh?
yeah yeah yeah my mind and body are super hyper right now but my eyes are killing me. but i guess its a good thing cuz id never sleep if my eyes didnt hurt. and ive been up for a long time today... i got up at 7 so i could go get my license [finally.] i got it, everything went a o k. no school buses from hell this time.
*news break begin*
LOL ivier10 (1:17:21 AM): if i could tell the world just one thinkg
LOL ivier10 (1:17:23 AM): it would be
LOL ivier10 (1:17:37 AM): we're all okay...and not to worry b/c worry is wasteless and useless in times liek thesesss
*news break end*
that was so random from her right now that i had to add it to my entry. good message leslie. hmm what else... summer has been going great so far, a lot of relaxing, exercise, basketball, baseball, bww, ect. we need to freeeeeaking play tennis guys. ive got the itches to play. i hope our baseball team does ok... id hate to see our team right now compared to what i think some of the other teams will be like. like i dont mean that were that bad or anything, its just i think that the other teams are more serious and have a lot more experience. whatever i had fun at the first practice (i couldnt go today cuz of driving)... maybe baseballs not as bad as i thought it was? we'll see i guess. what else oh henry and i saw a black chick riding a motorcycle today! now how many of you can say that youve seen that? craziness... i want a motorcycle, i think itd be a blast to ride. back to the subject of summer, ive been proud of myself... ive actually been waking up early so far (like between 8-10) which is really good considering sometimes id sleep till like 1 on saturdays during school. lol and the funny thing is ive been going to sleep earlier than i went to sleep on school nights. i think im backwards. oh yeah that reminds me i want to find a job. ive always got acme refrig (my dads-side-of-the-familys-place) to work at if i cant find anywhere else to work at, but i really dont wanna work at acme again. this would be my 4th summer working there, ive worked full time the past 3 summers and its just hell. i get paid well but its really hard work and im just exhausted by the end of the day. i might just work partime in the mornings this year. that way i wont sleep my summer away. ideally id get a job at some place like best buy, academy, champs, ect but i just got my license so i havent really applied anywhere and its prob too late. ok my eyes are killing me, so im gonna stop typing random stuff now. bye.

» and theyre off
wow junior years over, it sure did go by fast. for some reason im really not that excited, idk why. summer will be fun though, and i guess i needed a break. i ended up with all A's except for a B in english thankfully. i sort of felt bad though, when i got my grade ms parker was like "now dont let that happen again mr kaiser" like she thought i slacked and should have done better idk? well i guess i should have, whatever its over and im just glad i got what i needed for the B, esp since thats the only exam i really studied hard for.

balled at jacobs today and my damn legs started cramping again. its really starting to piss me off... i have to sit out the rest of the day cuz theyll just cramp up again and idk i just felt like i let my team down. i mean i played fine the first few games but it just gets to the point where i cant be explosive without inducing a cramp and then ill try to and ill get a cramp and then its over for the day. i wish i knew why they cramped up so easily :-( i never used to have this problem and it pisses me off cuz i cant play to my full potential after the first few games. not to mention they hurt like a bitch, but i was more pissed off that i couldnt play anymore. ah whatever, thats such a trivial thing to complain about, its all good. hmm this was an "im bored and tired and want to take up time" entry. bye for now.

» game 7
it was so close :-( that shot was halfway down. ::sigh:: i dont feel like doing anything now :-(

» 2 more days
i love early dismissal, its such a good feeling getting out early. i had am hist and philosophy finals today. i did alright in am hist and i aced philosophy... im gonna miss mr barber next year :-(, i wish i wouldnt have taken logic and philosophy both this year so i could have him next year. i had no idea how awesome he is... hes my favorite teacher by far and he ranks up there with the parkers as being the best. speaking of the parkers, i have both their exam/test tomorrow but im only worried about eng. i hope i get what i need, i heard its easy but im still worried. weeell, time to eat cuz im hongry and then study study for english for the last time thankfully. hmm a lot of people seem sad, i wont miss it. although d parker as a person is wonderful, i wont miss her class a bit (im not much of a fan of the type of stuff we have to read). yeah so wimbo next year, i dont really mind too too much. at least she likes me. food time now.

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